5 Famous Nutritionists You Should Know

Nutrition is something that many people struggle with today. If you work 9-5 in an office, then it may be hard for you to come up with a variety of healthy meals that can be prepared in a short amount of time. Order a takeout or grab a quick snack from the vending machine is the simplest way to go. But apparently, it’s not healthy.

Thankfully, we are not alone on the road to a healthier eating and living. Through the power of the internet and TV, we can connect with many famous nutritionists. They can guide us and help us to stay away from food that makes us ill or fat. Here are some of the greatest nutritionists that have helped millions to reverse their bad eating habits:

Famous Nutritionists

Susan Powter

“You can be fat and love yourself. You can be fat and have a great damn personality. You can be fat and sew your own clothes. But you can’t be fat and healthy.”

famous-nutritionists-susan-powterThis bombshell with her signature blonde buzz cut is a powerhouse of motivational speaking. She helps many people (especially women) to lose weight, not by dieting, but by eating foods that naturally help them to lose fat. Her popular phrase, “Stop the Insanity!” drew in thousands if not millions of followers and her incredible energy keeps them coming back, along with the fact that her nutrition programs actually work.

Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz)

“You need to be proactive, carve out time in your schedule, and take responsibility for being the healthiest person you can be – no one else is going to do it for you.”

famous-nutritionists-dr-ozDr. Oz is actually a real doctor, having earned a MD at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. However, this is not nearly as well-known as his credentials in the world of television. Known as a celebrity nutritionist, Dr. Oz has had multiple appearances on shows such as Oprah and Larry King Live. Moreover, he also has his own TV show, the Dr. Oz Show, which he provides nutritional help to his audiences.

Ian Marber

“We believe that the correct nutrition is the cornerstone to good health and vitality, and design foods to achieve this backed up by fact.”

famous-nutritionists-Ian-MarberIan Marber only became interested in nutrition after he himself was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. He later was known as The Food Doctor through the UK. He published a best-selling book, The Food Doctor: Healing Foods for the Mind and Body, along with a host of other books that sold hundreds of thousands of copies and were translated into different languages. As a nutritional therapist, he also offers one-to-one consultation service.

Erin Palinski-Wade

famous-nutritionists-Erin-Palinski-WadeErin Palinski-Wade is not only a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator and certified personal trainer, she is also a spokesperson, motivational speaker and author of numerous bestselling books. That’s not all. She is renowned as “America’s Ultimate Experts” in Woman’s World Magazine. Many patients visit her private practice in Northern NJ for her consultation and counseling service, especially regarding weight management and diabetes issue.

Robin Miller

famous-nutritionists-robin-millerMostly known for her work on the Food Network with her show Quick Fix Meals. This sweet nutritionist helps us find food that is healthy and easy to make. Her work has appeared in many health and nutrition magazines and publications. Besides that, she has also written 10 cookbooks and contributes her recipes to the American Heart Association, The American Institute for Cancer Research and Weight Watchers.

The road to healthy eating is never an easy one, especially if we have made it a habit to ignore the food that we take. However, we can still change if we are determined to. Reach out to these famous nutritionists, learn from them and make a change!

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