Getting a Nutrition Degree? Learn More Here

Having a nutrition degree gives you the opportunity to get a promising career in different working fields. You can work in the areas of food and nutrition management, clinical dietetics, and consultant or private practice. If you wish to be involved in community outreach, then a nutrition degree will be your ticket to get into public health nutrition and international food organizations. And in some cases, you may build a career in the fields of education and research, media, as well as in business and industry.

Apparently, there are so many job opportunities you can become a part of. But how can one get a nutrition degree? Read on to learn more.


What is a nutrition degree?

Formally known as Nutrition Science, a nutrition degree is awarded to individuals who wish to have a professional nutrition career. They can become a full-fledged nutritionist or a registered dietitian. This degree basically educates you about food consumption, human health, and the relationship between the two. However, it covers a wide range of topics, including medical nutrition therapy, research methodology, ethical foods, to name a few. It also allows you to concentrate in different nutrition areas, which include the following:

– Community Nutrition
– Comprehensive Nutrition
– Management of Nutrition and Dietetics
– Nutrition Counseling
– Sports Nutrition

What can you do with a nutrition degree?

You can land jobs as a researcher, a weight loss specialist or become a member of a public health nutrition system. You can also become a college or university instructor that teaches about nutrition and fitness.

If you have a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science, it gives you more credibility as a professional dietitian. You can even use it to establish your own office or clinic and become a private consultant for your own clients.

Moreover, having a nutrition degree allows you to have a career in the field of medical science like: naturopathic doctor, physical therapist, physician, podiatrist and veterinarian.

How to get it?

You must first know your goals and the education you need. You can either choose an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. If you have already completed the primary stages, then you can decide whether to get a Master’s degree or not.

For an associate degree, you have to complete two years of education, which may depend on your chosen programs. Here are some courses offered for this level:

– Normal Nutrition
– Modified Diets
– Nutrition and Fitness
– Foods for Healthy Lifestyle

A bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, usually takes about four years. You need to complete this program if you wish to get a dietician license. This level discusses more in-depth nutrition concepts and theories than the associate. In addition to the courses offered at the associate level, a bachelor’s degree student must undergo these courses:

– Cultural and Social Aspects of Food
– Intro to Food Science
– Intro to Human Lactation
– Nutrition Counseling



This actually depends on your chosen college or university. For example, some colleges require students to take courses under the following undergraduate programs:

– Chemistry, Human Biology, or Physiology
– General Sciences
– Arts and Humanities
– Laboratory Classes

How long does it take to get a nutrition degree?

It depends on the level you have chosen. If you chose an associate degree, then it will only take you two years to finish it. But if you selected a bachelor’s degree, then you need to study for four years.

In cases when you have finished the baccalaureate program and you want to take up Master’s, then that will be an additional two years of study.

Can you get it online?

Yes, you can get a nutrition degree online. This program is more flexible since you can manage your schedules without compromising your other priorities like work. However, most of the online courses are for Master’s Degree and Certification. To know some of the best and most affordable online programs for nutrition degree, you can check out here.

In a nutshell, having a nutrition degree takes you anywhere. It will open so many doors of career opportunities for you because the field is rapidly developing and growing.

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